3 Ways Home Affairs will make it easier to visit South Africa

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The government said that making visas for South Africa easier to apply for will boost the tourism industry. For many, visiting South Africa doesn’t just take a lot of saving up, but it requires a great amount of paperwork and a complicated application process, too. Coming to South Africa can be complicated for both tourists and businesses alike. Given that around 10% of South Africa’s economy is based on tourism, the visa nightmare is costing the country money. Plans are being put in place to right this wrong. But what’s going to happen? Here are 3 ways that the Home Affairs will make it easier to visit South Africa.


What is an e-visa? Set for a trial release in March 2019, this will introduce the digital capture of visa and permit applications and capturing of applicant’s biometrics in South Africa and abroad. So instead of shuffling around for every piece of paper you need and submitting it in person, this process will be carried out online. However, applicants still need to appear before a Home Affairs official to get biometrics taken. Once this is completed, they are given a secure code printed on the letter of acknowledgement you receive. Tourists must keep this handy because it contains all your data and travel status. That code will then be scanned upon arrival here in South Africa.

Get rid of the complications

South Africa is determined to strip back some of the strict policies on which documents are required to enter the country. The Home Affairs Minister also rolled back the need for unabridged birth certificates back in July. Restrictions were also lifted on Brazilian and Indian visitors.

Making South Africa more business-friendly

Tourism employs 1.6 million people in South Africa, and anything that can empower one of the country’s strongest performing micro-economies must be explored. Communications Minister Nomvula Mokonyane confirmed that making visitation easier for workers is something her department will be looking in to as well. President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to release details on a stimulus package to save South Africa’s sinking-ship economy, and an overhaul of visas for South Africa is right at the top of the list.

With these new rules that will certainly make it easier for people to visit South Africa, we’re hoping to see more tourists in the country. If you’re looking to get a South African visa or need any more information regarding traveling to South Africa, make sure you get in touch with one of our Consultants today!

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