Angola and South Africa conclude to a visa-free regime

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South Africa and Angola have concluded a visa exemption agreement in terms of which ordinary passport holders are not required to obtain a visitor’s visa for visits shorter than 30 days at a time and 90 days per annum. In a statement published on EIN News Desk, it states that the agreement for ordinary passports between Angola and South Africa will come into force in the first half of December this year

Over a third of African countries have relaxed their visa policies in the last two years and four countries have even moved into the top 20 most visa-friendly countries. Namibia has scrapped visas for African citizens, Rwanda is issuing visas on arrival, and Ghana and Nigeria are looking to do the same

The free movement of people is the cornerstone of regional integration, according to the African Development Bank. When business people can travel more easily across the continent because of liberal visa policies, they bring higher levels of investment, fresh skills and expand the range of goods and services on offer. To facilitate growth, improved air access, visa openness and favourable trade conditions become even more critical. This development will have a positive effect on business and leisure tourism. It will also open the door for future trade and foreign direct investment

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