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FAQ’s answered

On April 20, 2015 / FAQ’s answered / Comments Off on FAQ’s answered

Will the service level change? If anything, it will get better. Where are the new offices? All applications will be prepared by IMCOSA. Address and contact details are as follows: Western Cape Office – Cape Town Tel +27 (0) 21 462 3184 Units 84-85 Roeland Square, Roeland Street, Cape Town 8001 Gauteng Office – Johannesburg...

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World migration patterns

On April 8, 2014 / World migration patterns / Leave a comment

The world is constantly moving Global migration flows are remarkably stable. Researchers estimate that since 1995, within 5 years, 0.6 percent of the world population migrated to another country. How far people move differs considerably depending on the region. In Germany last year alone more people applied for asylum than in one and a half...

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