This is how we celebrate a successful year at Initiate!

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Surrounded by crocodiles (!) on a tiny island in Limpopo called Kwena, well stocked up on meat, healthy salads and cooooool drinks, we spend our Initiate year end function.

CapeTonians were quickly flown in, not to miss out on the fun. 10 minutes into the mini bus drive from the airport Team Initiate felt like Family Initiate.

Friday was spent around the pool swimming, catching sun burns and enjoying each others company.

Club Tropicana was the theme of the evening, bikinis were swapped for summery cocktail dresses, sun screen for make up – everybody looked even more stunning than usual. For dinner we had a fancy braai (Thank you Ryan, Reinardt and Andrew, we couldn’t have done it without you.) and an award ceremony around a big wooden family table. A beautiful summer evening spent in great company!

Waking up bright and early on Saturday we spend the morning at the local monkey sanctuary, learning all about monkeys, cuddling and taking selfies with baby monkeys. Afterwards we were divided into two Master Chef teams with six hundred Rand budget each. True South African style the Master Chef exercise quickly turned into a pojkie competition, with a Maroccan Potjiekos and a traditional South African beed Potjiekos. Secret Santa rounded off a day of fun and team building.

Exhausted but happy we returned home the next day happy and grateful to be part of such an awesome company.

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Michaela heads up the marketing department for Initiate Holdings. An expat herself she understands the unique challenges immigrants are facing in South Africa.

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