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60 days with the Department of Home Affairs (call centre)

South Africa is renowned for its history and how it overcame apartheid. BEE is a system that was implemented to rectify the social and economic inequalities that apartheid left behind. In a practical sense, companies have to be BEE compliant by employing a certain number of individuals from previously-disadvantaged groups (Black, Coloured, Indian) for which they are scored.

Despite the BEE codes, South Africa is still very open to employing foreign nationals. South Africa is an emerging economy and many international companies are setting up offices here. Many local companies are expanding globally and therefore require staff that are able to speak foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian as well as other languages.

As a foreigner wanting to work in South Africa, you can be assured that certain visas are not affected by these BEE codes. Many companies in South Africa are keen to utilise and gain the expertise of foreign nationals. At the same time, as a foreign national, you can gain experience in your field of work within South Africa while enjoying the lifestyle and beauty of the country and its people. It is important to know what the right visa is for you as a foreigner to ensure the best possibility for employment in South Africa.

The exceptional skills work permit allows foreigners with a skill that is considered unique or exceptional to work in South Africa without obtaining a job prior to entering the country and is valid for three years with a possibility to extend the duration.

With the quota work permit, certain skills and qualifications are considered scarce in South Africa. If you have a skill listed under this quota skills list, you could apply for this visa. No contractual agreement is necessary and the company employing the foreigner does not need to advertise the position. Each industry skill has been assigned a certain number of foreigners allowed to work in South Africa within that sector. For a list of professional categories within the quota work permit follow the link provided. Proof of employment must be made available to the Department of Home Affairs within three months of employment.

An intra-company transfer work visa allows foreign nationals to be transferred within their company between countries but is only valid for 2 years with no extension.

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