Four best visa options for South Africa

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South Africa’s pleasant climate, stunning beauty, and relatively low cost of living continues to make it a desirable destination for expats looking for a change. But just like many other major countries, South Africa’s complex immigration rules and regulations can be daunting. South Africa’s visa application process isn’t easy and requires careful consideration and planning. With that, we’ve rounded up the four best visa options for anyone looking to make the move to South Africa.

Critical skills visa

The critical skills work visa was a very welcome addition, in June 2014, to the types of work visas that a prospective immigrant may consider applying for. It carries with it a host of benefits and boasts very clear qualifying criteria which can assist South Africa in attracting much needed skills. It is offered for a 5-year period, and you may apply for permanent residence after the 5-year period. If you have 5 years’ experience in your occupation, then there is every chance you can immediately apply for permanent residence as well.

Spousal visa

Spouses and life partners of South African citizens and permanent residency holders are permitted to come and reside in South Africa on the basis of their relationship. Couples must prove they have been married, or together for a 5-year period of time, to apply for permanent residency. Applications can be made for temporary residency before this period. If the accompanying spouse or life partner wishes to take up employment or start an own business, an endorsement can be applied for.

The South African in the relationship must provide a letter of financial undertaking and prove that he or she has sufficient funds to sponsor the couple, at least R8500 per person.

Study visa

South Africa has some world-renowned learning institutions and is a popular destination for foreign students. Advantages include the relatively low cost of studying fees and the lower living expenses. What’s great about studying in South Africa with this study visa is that you’re permitted to conduct part-time work, so long as it doesn’t exceed 20 hours per week.

Retirement visa

If you earn an income coming from outside of South Africa, either through rental property income or another revenue source such as a trust fund, you may qualify for a Retirement Visa. Retirement Visa applicants must show the financial capacity to withdraw at least R37000 in income per month. Although this visa specifically mentions “retirement”, there is no minimum age limit for this visa.

If you are looking to apply for a South African visa, make sure you get in touch with one of our Immigration Consultants today. Our Consultants will help guide you in determining which visa to apply for, collect and submit your documents, and provide you with essential advice from the beginning of the immigration process to the end.

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