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Known as the rainbow nation due to its multiculturalism, South Africa welcomes international professionals with the skills needed to fill gaps in the job market. While South Africa may be viewed as a third world country, it does not limit its ability to be one the best places for advancing your skills and furthering your career.

When looking at the relative cost of living and quality of life vs your salary, South Africa offers a package that is really hard to beat. The country also offers amazing weather, rich and diverse culture, amazing beaches and top tertiary education for those looking to improve academically.

The Department of Home Affairs has produced a document detailing South Africa’s critical skills areas. The government welcomes foreign workers to the country who can bring their knowledge and experience to the following fields:

  • Agriculture, agricultural operations and related sciences
  • Architecture and the built environment
  • Business, economics and management studies
  • Information communication and technology
  • Engineering
  • Health professions and related clinical sciences
  • Life and earth sciences
  • Professionals and associate professionals
  • Trades – including pipe fitters, industrial mechanics and welders
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Academics and researchers

There are more than 200 specific roles or qualifications within these fields that would benefit from international talent. If you have the expertise, finding work in South Africa shouldn’t be difficult.

There are four categories of work visa allowing foreign candidates to work in South Africa:

  • General work visa – the most common type of visa, covering the majority of applications and valid for up to five years.
  • Critical skills visa– for workers in professions the South African government deem to be critical.
  • Intra-company transfer (ICT) visa – if you’ve worked for a multinational company in your home country for a minimum of six months, you can apply to relocate to its South African branch.
  • Business visa – you’ll need this if you’re planning to start a business in South Africa.

Expats may find the work culture in South Africa to be somewhat more relaxed than they are used to, although this will vary between different industries and different cities. For example, just about everything in Cape Town is approached with a more laid-back attitude than it would be in Johannesburg, and this includes the atmosphere at work. South Africans are generally friendly and welcoming people, so expats shouldn’t be surprised if they are invited out for after-work drinks. This is a good way to get to know new colleagues in a relaxed setting.

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