Important things you need to do before making the move to South Africa

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Living in South Africa can offer expats a unique experience sampling a diverse and rich culture. If you’re looking to make the move to South Africa when the pandemic is over, here are 4 important things you need to do.

Research our provinces and cities

If you’ve been to South Africa before, you probably have an idea of our different provinces. If not, it would be wise to do some research on our cities to get a feel about the people and their lifestyles. This will help you decide which city you feel will best suit your lifestyle.

Make sure your passport is valid

Unfortunately applying for a South African visa is usually a lengthy process. This makes it important to have a passport that will be valid for the duration of the application process.

Cost estimates

Many people don’t realise just how expensive moving countries can get. If you don’t want any surprises during your emigration process, it’s important that you get cost estimates of everything from flights and visas, to your initial living and housing costs.

If you’re looking to work in South Africa, make sure you start looking at jobs

Exploring the job market before your move will give you an insight on the available jobs in South Africa, as well as the salaries within your industries, and experience employers ask for. Remember that if you qualify for a critical skills visa, you won’t need a job for the visa application. General work visas on the other hand do require a job in order for you to make a visa application

South Africa is a stunning place of natural beauty and many expats come here looking to enjoy an outdoor, relaxed lifestyle. We hope our 4 tips help with making your move to this beautiful country

If you’re looking for assistance with your visa, we’re here to help! By using an immigration consultant, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your application is in the hands of someone up to date on all immigration legislation. Our immigration consultants in South Africa know relocation procedures back to front.

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