Medical Treatment visas for South Africa

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A South African medical treatment visa allows a foreign national to undergo specialised medical care in South Africa. The country is equipped with modern health care facilities that are able to treat practically any of the current diseases and injuries. The medical facilities found in South Africa are of a high standard with specialists in almost every field of modern medicine. Due to the excellent exchange rate, which is another factor that comes into play, medical visas for South Africa are extremely popular. Here’s everything you need to know about South Africa’s medical treatment visa.

South Africa is a country blessed with medical facilities of a high standard and cost can be favourable for foreigners who are seeking long term care or recovery time. While many of our neighbouring countries require expert treatment or foreigners opt for South Africa purely to have medical treatment since they can avoid the long queues and expenses in their own country. This makes South Africa a clearly designated and viable destination for patients requiring various types of specialised medical care, particular patients for patients around the world. The immigration legislation of South Africa recognises the need to cater for patients outside of our borders and regulates the influx of patients through the use of the Medical Treatment Visa.

Requirements for a medical treatment visa:

  • A letter from your registered medical practitioner or medical institution within South Africa, confirming:
  • That space is available at the medical institution for your continued treatment
  • The estimated costs of the continued treatment
  • The treatment schedule and period
  • Details of the continued treatment
  • The details of, and confirmation by, the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees. Where a medical scheme or employer is not liable for the expenses incurred, you must prove that funds are available to cover medical costs
  • The personal details of any person or persons accompanying you

You would need to book the medical treatment through a medical institution or practice in South Africa and request supporting documentation outlining the procedure from the relevant doctor or practitioner. A medical treatment visa in South Africa is issued for no longer than 6 months at a time but may be extended if the medical practitioner or doctor validates the extension. You will also need to prove that you have sufficient funds to support yourself financially during your stay in the country. The proof of these funds needs to be submitted with your visa application.

If you’re looking to get a visa for South Africa, it’s always better to make use of a qualified Immigration Consultant. Make sure you get in touch with one of our Immigration Consultants today to make sure your visa process is a seamless one.

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