All you need to know about South Africa’s Life Partner visa

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A life partner visa in South Africa allows a foreign national to live in the country with their South African citizen or permanent resident partner; this applies to both heterosexual and same-sex couples. A Life partner visa is ideal for people who are in a serious relationship and looking to reside in South Africa for an extended period. It is also a stepping stone to applying for permanent residence in the future

When applying for a life partner visa in South Africa, you will need to prove that your relationship is valid, and that cohabitation has existed for at least 2 years. Temporary residence visas are issued for an initial period, typically for 2 or 3 years. Applications can be made to extend this period subject to the relationship still existing

The South African life partner visa requirements state that you and your partner must be able to prove that your relationship is permanent and of ‘life partner’ status. Shared financial responsibilities and rental agreements could help with this

The temporary residency on a life partner visa is valid for 2-3 years, plus you’ll need an endorsement on the visa to work, study or run a business. The permanent residence means you can work, study or run a business without an endorsement, and you enjoy most of the rights and privileges that South African citizens do. Unfortunately, permanent residence applications take a lot longer than temporary residence applications to reach an outcome. You could wait up to three years to receive permanent residency status

It is best to give as much evidence as possible. The more proof you can provide of your relationship, the better your chances will be of receiving a visa. To apply for the temporary residency application, you’ll need to prove co-habitation for at least two years. To apply for the permanent residency application, you must be able to prove that your relationship has been of a permanent nature for five years

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