South African work visas and their requirements

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Many foreigners wish to live and work in South Africa each year. While some want to move to South Africa on a temporary basis, others want to make the move a permanent arrangement. No matter how long you decide to stay, here’s everything you need to know about getting a South African work visa.

Critical skills work visa

The critical skills work visa is for highly skilled individuals. To apply for this visa your occupation must appear on the critical skills list. You can apply for a critical skills work visa with or without a job offer. However, if you don’t have a job offer at the time of your application, you’ll have to find a job within 12 months once you get an outcome on your visa application. You may also have to register with a professional body, council or board, depending on your occupation.

General work visa

The general work visa enables South African employers to employ foreigners but employers must prove that they could not find a South African to fill the advertised role. You must have a formal job offer from the South African employer. The South African employer must provide proof of the fact that it advertised the role for which you applied and that it couldn’t find a South African to fill the position. The Department of Home Affairs also wants to see your SAQA registration and certificate as confirmation of your qualification.

Intra-company transfer work visa

The intra-company transfer work visa, or ICT work visa, enables companies abroad to send staff to a South African branch, subsidiary or affiliate.

The overseas employer must demonstrate that:

  • The employee have been in their employment for more than 6 months.
  • Confirmation that the applicant shall be transferred to a branch, subsidiary or an affiliate of that company in South Africa.
  • That the employee will not be staying in South African more than 4 years

Endorsements on spousal and life partner visas

The spouses and life partners of South Africans are allowed to work in South Africa with an endorsement on their visa. This is for temporary residents as permanent residents can work, study or run a business in South Africa with no restrictions. To activate the endorsement, you must have a formal job offer from a South African employer.

Exchange visa

The South African exchange visa enables foreign nationals under the age of 25 to work in South Africa. The conditions are that the visa holder only works for the company noted on the visa and for only a year.

Corporate workers visa

South African employers who want to employ a group of foreign nationals for a project can apply for a corporate workers permit. The employer can then issue corporate workers certificates to the foreign national employees to apply for individual corporate workers visas.

Short-term work visa

The short-term work visa, or the Section 11(2) visa, lets you come to South Africa for short-term work activities or business visits, such as conferences, launches, meetings, seminars, training, installations, etc. To apply, you’d have to meet South Africa’s visitor visa requirements and the host organisation in South Africa must supply a letter of invitation that’s extended to you. Please note: You cannot hold a Section 11(2) visa for more than 180 days in a calendar year.

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