South Africa’s critical skills work visa

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The critical skills visa for South Africa came into effect with the new immigration regulations in 2014. It is based around the applicant’s qualification sector and occupation. There are some skills and qualifications which are regarded as exceptional by the South African government. A person who has such skills and/or qualifications may obtain a Critical Skills Visa.

The critical skills list is firstly based on your educational subject and then further broken down into occupations within these educational areas. You can view the critical skills list here

The process involved will include the following:

  • Assessing your qualifications and credentials
  • Establishing that you truly meet the required standards of practice within your occupation
  • Maintain discipline within your trade or profession
  • You may be required to prove 3 – 5 years’ experience in your industry

Highlights of the critical skills visa include:

  • Allows you to get a work visa without a job offer
  • Allows you to enter and stay in South Africa for 12 months to secure a position
  • Is based on a well-researched list of occupations that are badly needed in South Africa, increasing your chances of finding a job
  • No restrictions in terms of the numbers in each listed occupation
  • No department of labour recommendation so quicker turnaround time
  • Can be a pathway to permanent residence immediately as well as an immediate 5 year working visa
  • Less obligation on employers

Are you on the critical skills list? Get in touch with one of our consultants today, so we can help make your move to South Africa seamless.
What if you’re not on the critical skills list? There are other visa alternatives to consider that you may qualify for. Make sure you take our free immigration assessment to see if you eligible to live and work in South Africa.

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Sherone Lewis

Sherone Lewis

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