Still waiting for your visa for South Africa?

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Waiting for your visa

Let’s be honest, a visa is not just a piece of paper in your passport, right? It is the foundation of the future you want to build up in this beautiful and breath-taking country called South Africa. South Africa may give you the opportunity for a great career move, you might unite with a beloved person or come here to gain the experience of a lifetime.

Waiting for your visa can be a trial of patience. It feels like Christmas eve, you are ready to open the present – impatient and with wide open eyes – but you can’t until Christmas Day arrives. Unfortunately, in South Africa Christmas day can take anywhere from 1-6 months to arrive. The process is long, demanding but in the end it will be all worth it. South Africa offers the opportunity to become someone new or to be a better version of yourself. Cape Town in particular opened up wonderful doors for me – I found romance, adventure and new zest for life.

There is nothing better than a summer in Cape Town: A braai with family and friends, hiking up one of the 250 trails up Table Mountain, travelling around the Western Cape to discover the full beauty nature has to offer, sipping wine on any of the numerous wine routes, surfing the most amazing waves along the Benguela Current and camping at one of many impressive camp sites around the Cape. Cape Town clearly deserves its spot as the number one on the New York Times ’52 Places to Go in 2014’


What else speaks for South Africa you ask?

  • South Africa offers excellent schools, including German, French and International schools
  • A very refreshing gallery landscape with a wide range of art
  • Outstanding hospitals
  • Warm-hearted locals, equal rights for same-sex relationships and marriage
  • A great and steady growing infrastructure, a desired film destination for the film industry
  • A sense of unity and an amazing food quality I have never experienced anywhere else
  • Career opportunities in South Africa are widely varied for foreigners. From customer service to management roles, short or long term employment to gap-year options or to settle down for good

If you want to study in South Africa there will be no better time and place. South Africa made it to the global top 10 in QS World University Rankings – you just need to grab your luck by the scruff of its neck.

Hang in there and don’t give up my brave visa-companions. Follow your heart and dream big. The road might be rocky and it can take a while to begin your great journey to dive into your own personal happiness. Take a deep breath, focus on why you are doing this and hold on to it. Life is what you make of it.

Using an experienced immigration agency will save you a lot of hassle with your visa application. During the wait (from handing in your visa application to picking up your outcome) you have the peace of mind that all documents have been professionally compiled according to the Immigration Regulations of South Africa and that regular follow ups are done. Should you have any questions with regard to visas for South Africa, please feel free to contact us.

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Kathrin Knetsch

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