Tips for companies looking to secure a critical skills work visa

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The critical skills work visa is a permit issued to applicants in possession of exceptional skills or qualifications that are scarce in South Africa. The need for foreign skills has become more and more prevalent due to skills shortages experienced globally. We often recommend pursuing a work visa in the Critical Skills category due to the range of occupations currently on the critical skills list.

A candidate’s eligibility can best be determined after conducting a thorough assessment of their CV, experience, qualifications and the skills they will contribute to South Africa. The process may seem simple at the on-set, however there are a few tricky factors to take into consideration before qualifying a candidate for a Critical Skills work permit. Here’s a few tips for companies looking to secure a critical skills work visa.

Make sure the occupation is on the Critical Skills list

Prior to qualifying a candidate for a Critical Skills work permit, it is very important to ensure that the position the candidate will take up in South Africa is on the Critical Skills list. This assessment does go a lot deeper as the position title may not match the one on the Critical Skills list and it is therefore important to review the candidate’s experience as well as the job description of the role in South Africa and ensure that the two goes hand-in-hand. After such a determination has been made, it will be easier to pin down the correct category on the list.

Know what is needed

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the Critical Skills list. Understand the requirements and ensure 100% compliance on each item, unless you are able to provide compelling motivation. If a foreign candidate does not hold a South African long-term work permit, they will be required to file the application at the South African High Commission/Embassy within their home country. In terms of timeframes – this is a process that requires sufficient time to be completed correctly. Applications that are not prepared properly incur unnecessary delays that could easily have been avoided.

Remember qualifications are very important

Although the Immigration Act states that qualifying for a Critical Skills work visa may be based on skills, qualifications and/or experience, in practice the qualifications a foreign national hold will have an impact on the application. Further consideration must be given in terms of occupation the applicant will be working within and whether the qualification they hold, matches their occupation.

If you’re a company or individual looking to obtain a critical skills visa, it’s always easier and less stressful to make use of Immigration consultants. Make sure you get in touch with us today, so we can help make your move to South Africa seamless.

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