The top 5 reasons to retire in South Africa

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Retirement in South Africa

Talking retirement, for some, a grim retirement village comes to mind, for others its sea food, tropical beaches and mountains that grow out of the sea. The top 5 retirement destinations being Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Malaysia and Costa Rica, why would anybody want to retire off the beaten track in South Africa? Let’s explore.

1. South Africa is beautiful

The most impressive thing about South Africa is the proximity of city and nature. This means you can enjoy mountains, vineyards, sea and botanical gardens while knowing that state-of-the-art hospitals are close by.

2. South Africa offers retirement visa options

The South African Department of Home Affairs is cutting retirees a fair amount of slack. To apply for a retirement visa, foreigners have to be able to prove that they have prescribed minimum payment for the rest of their  life from the country of their origin or alternatively a minimum prescribed net worth. The South African retirement visa is also one of the few visa options that qualifies foreigners to apply for permanent residency straight away.

3. South Africa offers a favourable exchange rate

If you are from across the pond or across the continent your currency goes a long way in South Africa and you can afford a most superb lifestyle. Think balmy sundowners on palm fringed beaches, exquisite lunches at rustic vineyards and weekend trips to breezy coastal villages.

4. State of the art medical facilities

South Africa’s big cities like Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg have state of the art private hospitals with latest technology and a very personalised service. The anonymity of European university hospitals simply doesn’t exist. Worried about third world hospitals? Think again. The first successful heart transplant took place in South Africa.

5. In South Africa you can buy all the things you are used to

It seems that with increasing age, people know more and more what they want and they won’t settle for less. Do not worry. There is a fair amount of retired expats living in South Africa who are not missing any of the luxuries they are used to from home. There is Mc Donalds, Lebkuchen and Foie Gras to name a few.

If we have tickled your interest to retire in this far flung place between two oceans, called South Africa and you would like to find out more information about South African retirement visa options, please contact our experienced Immigration South Africa team.

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Michaela heads up the marketing department for Initiate Holdings. An expat herself she understands the unique challenges immigrants are facing in South Africa.

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