Tourists in South Africa

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From beachfront destinations and under-water shark diving to world-class wild safaris and awe-inspiring geologic formations, South Africa is an exciting place to visit.

Voted among the top 50 most tourist-friendly countries in the world, by the World Economic Forum recently, South Africa remains a very popular country to visit. In the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report South Africa leads sub-Saharan Africa and ranks 48th overall out of 141 countries. So where do most of South Africa’s tourists come from?

The top 10 European countries in terms of number of visitors coming to South Africa are as follows:

Germany: 46290
United Kingdom: 38350
France: 25221
The Netherlands: 17211
Switzerland: 7651
Belgium: 5755
Italy: 5659
Sweden: 4773
Spain: 4144
Denmark: 3232

The leading tourists from Africa were as follows:

Zimbabwe: 153608
Lesotho: 114591
Mozambique: 98541
Botswana: 39572
Namibia: 17224
Zambia : 15876
Malawi : 13455
Nigeria: 6051
Angola: 5917

We often hear that Tourism makes up a significant part of South Africa’s economy, and that it is targeted by government as one of the major industries for future economic growth of South Africa. Tourism is also mentioned as a potential sector where large scale employment can be created for South Africans.

Historically there is some correlation between the number of visitors/tourists that a country receives and its current and future appeal as a destination for attracting investment, entrepreneurs and skilled migrants.

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