Company visas and corporate immigration services

Initiate Immigration provides affordable visa and immigration services and solutions for corporate entities and individuals wanting to immigrate to South Africa. Over the past 10 years we have helped hundreds of people successfully apply for and receive their immigration papers and visas.

In today’s globalised economy, many companies prefer to look further afield than their base country in finding quality personnel and many operate from various locations to better service their customers. Very often, factors such as cost, time-zones, language proficiency, and specialised training play a role in how companies approach the issue of recruitment. Then there is the matter of Immigration to consider.

For many local and foreign-owned institutions, companies or organisations in South Africa the prospect of employing foreign staff can seem insurmountable when judged against the multitude of South African Permit and Visa options and the inevitable amount of paper work that surrounds permit applications, hence their need for Corporate Immigration Services and Solutions. Companies need to minimise any time-consuming bureaucratic red tape that may stand in the way of foreign employees being able to take up work in a timely manner and without unnecessary obstacles.

In order to assist multinational or foreign-owned companies with company visa and corporate permits, Initiate Immigration provides an extensive range of expertly managed Corporate Immigration Services and Solutions geared and customized towards the needs of the Corporate Recruitment Market. Highly trained professional immigration practitioners armed with in-depth knowledge about South African Immigration Law coupled with hands on practical experience of dealing with Immigration matters enables Initiate Group to provide solutions that deliver satisfaction and immediate results.

At Initiate Immigration we provide Corporate Immigration Services to the following entities:

  • Companies and enterprises in South Africa employing or aiming to employ foreign nationals with uniques skill sets and/or language proficiency.
  • Foreign organisations planning to open office in South Africa and wishing to employ foreigners.
  • Foreign individuals planning to start a business or invest in an existing business in South Africa.

Corporate immigration is our specialty. Initiate Immigration is one of a handful of South African companies offering a dedicated corporate immigration service. We focus on delivering innovative, efficient and cost-effective options for Corporate visa and permit requirements.

Initiate Visa solutions for corporate clients:

  • Corporate work visa – for employers who require visas for 5 or more individuals.
  • Intra-company transfer work visa – relocating foreign staff to a South African operation or office.
  • Critical skills work visa – recruiting and employing foreign nationals who possess a unique skill, knowledge and or experience not found in South Africa.
  • General work visa – for employers with ad-hoc recruitment needs in the event of the skill set not being found in South Africa.
  • Business visa – for short term work contracts of foreign nationals employed in South Africa, but whose remuneration will not take place in South Africa.

At Initiate Immigration we believe that there is always room for improvement. Our dedication to service, focus on excellence combined with our passion for client success underscores and underlies our mission; which is to be South Africa’s most trusted resource for Visa, Permits and Immigration Consultants.