Why you should apply for permanent residency in South Africa

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If you’re planning on making sunny South Africa home for the long haul, then you may want to consider permanent residency. You don’t necessarily need a previous visa to apply, and the freedom and rights you’re entitled to as a permanent resident far outweigh those granted to temporary residents.

You’ve heard that permanent residency applications take a long time to finalise. Now you’re wondering if applying is worth it. It definitely is! Here are a few reasons why you should consider applying for permanent residency in South Africa

Say goodbye to visa application admin

Gathering the necessary paperwork is most people’s least favourite part of a visa application. It’s doesn’t stop there either. You are also expected to ensure that certain documents stay up to date. You will never have to worry about this when you’re a permanent resident. You’ll never even need to renew it. Though, in order to maintain your permanent residence permit, you need to be present in South Africa at least once in every three years. If you fail to uphold this requirement, then you’ll have to lodge an entirely new permanent residence permit application.


As a permanent resident, you can reside, work, study and start a business freely in South Africa. This will allow you to move employers as you wish. Take up any sort of studies, even part-time or short courses, as the South African study visa only allows for full-time studies. Set up a business, if you so wish, without having to first apply for a visa. You can get to do all this and more, so if you’re looking for flexibility applying for permanent residency in South Africa is the way to for you.


When you get permanent residency in South Africa, you won’t have to renew your permits. The uncertainty and angst that comes with having to wait for a visa outcome are thus eliminated.

The benefit of using an immigration consultant is that you avoid the long queues and frustrating interpersonal interactions that come with submitting an application and following up on its outcome. By using an immigration consultant, you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your application is in the hands of someone up to date on all immigration legislation. Our Immigration consultants know relocation procedures back to front and will also be able to give you information about which permanent residence category is best to apply under given your circumstances.

If you’re looking to use an Immigration consultant for all your immigration needs, make sure you get in touch with us today!

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