• My spouse and me have been together for 2 years. Does this qualify me for a lifepartner visa.
    Lifepartners of South African citizen and permanent residency holders who can prove shared financial obligations and cohabitation for at least 5 years can apply for the South African lifepartner visa. According to the new immigration regulations of 2014, 2 years are not sufficient anymore.
  • Can I open a bank account in South Africa as a foreigner?
    Yes you can open a bank account. We have written a great blog post about this: http://www.initiateimmigration.com/working-in-south-africa/bank-accounts/
  • I would like to work in South Africa. Which visa would allow me to do so?
    Foreigners need to hold a work visa in order to work in South Africa. There are several work visa options available to foreigners.
  • It seems there are different work visas available in South Africa. Which work visa is best for me?
    Due to its flexibility and the freedom to apply for permanent residency, the critical skills visa option should be the first option to be explored. If you don't fit into any of the critical skills categories, you can explore the general work visa, as well as the corporate work visa. Partners of permanent residency holders and South African citizen, holding a life partner or spouse permit can apply for a work endorsement.
  • Do I need to have found a job before I can apply for a work visa in South Africa?
    For most work visa categories you will need a job offer first in order to apply for the appropriate work visa.
  • Can I operate a business or be self-employed if I am married to a South African citizen?
    Being married to a South African citizen or a permanent residency holder you will be able to apply for a spouse visa with an endorsement allowing you to run a business.

  • My child was born in South Africa and has a South African ID. Can I apply for a relatives permit based on this?

    Parents of children born in South Africa, can apply for a Relatives visa. In general a foreigner can apply for a Relative's Visa if he or she is a first or second line family member of a South African citizen or permanent resident.
  • Anyone have experience applying for a visitors' visa for research? I'm an American, employed by a non-profit in the US, that partners with a local organization to conduct research around HIV here in Cape Town. I'm trying to figure out if the research visa would be an applicable way for me to obtain a visa to stay for longer than a 3 month period and it's not clear what, beyond the paperwork requirements, are necessary to make that a good fit. Thanks in advance!
    For a research visa the South African institution must be a learning or research institution. For NGO’s in South Africa you could consider applying for visitor’s (voluntary) visa . Or also explore intra-company transfer work visa depending on the relationship between the institutions. An immigration consultant would be able to advise you in detail and choose the best fit for you.