South African Lifestyle

South African Lifestyle – sun, braais and the great outdoors

In general South Africans are chatty, fun-loving, outdoorsy, laid back and hospitable. Complete strangers small-talk on the streets, business meetings are often held at coffee shops and making new friends around the “braai” happens easily.

Diversity is a key feature of South Africa, we are the only country in the world, a “rainbow nation” where 11 languages are recognised as official, where foods from many cultures are enjoyed by all and especially marketed to tourists, where community leaders include rabbis and chieftains, rugby players and returned exiles, where traditional healers ply their trade around the corner from stockbrokers and where housing ranges from mud huts to palatial homes with swimming pools.

Over the past 15 years South Africa has experienced enormous change. The achievement of democracy in 1994 led to transformed institutions, new policies and the start of a new society, a true “rainbow nation”.

In general we South Africans are fun-loving and laid back. This is a place where visitors are always welcome and where simplicity is the keyword to the South African lifestyle.

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