Medical Visa for South Africa

South Africa hosts one of the best medical facilities in the world. Should you be in need of medical treatment, rehabilitation or detox at one of the medically recognised health organisations, there is a Medical Permit available.

A Medical Permit must be obtained by any foreigner, planning to visit South Africa for the intent of seeking medical treatment. This visa allows Temporary Residence to foreigners immigrating for these express purposes.

Medical Permits are only valid for foreign nationals wishing to be treated at either a private or public hospital or any other medical facility or health organisation such as a rehabilitation centre, detox clinics or old age homes.

Medical Visa Requirements:

  • A letter from a registered medical practitioner or medical institution, indicating the reason/necessity for treatment.
  • The period of treatment and particulars of the appointment plan/s made in South Africa.
  • Full details of the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees.

Medical cover is required, and should the applicant’s employer or medical aid not provide sufficient cover, alternative proof of insurance must be provided. The applicant will also have to submit proof of financial income that is enough to sustain the applicant while they are on the Medical Visa.

In South Africa, the need for visas/ permits may be dispensed with in cases where medical treatment is required in an emergency. Immigration officers will assist and facilitate their entry into South Africa, however it is the duty of the person/persons in charge of the emergency flight/vehicle, to report such persons entry and presence in the Republic of South Africa as soon as possible to the Department of Home Affairs.

An immigration officer will first need to visit the patient and ascertain if the patient is in possession of a valid passport, once this is verified s/he will be issued with the necessary Medical Permit.

Should you have any questions regarding the granting of a Medical Permit, please contact one of our immigration consultants.

Updated according to Immigration Act 2014