Visitor (Holiday) Visa South Africa

Upon entry into South Africa you will be given a Visitor (Holiday) Visa, which is valid for 90 days. With a good reason, such as “We haven’t seen everything yet” or “We want to spend more money in your beautiful country”, the Visitor Visa can be extended for another 90 days.

All foreign nationals entering South Africa are issued by default with a Visitor Visa. This visa temporarily allows immigration to South Africa for a maximum period of 90 days. An extension can be applied for, provided there is a good enough reason for the application.

Visitor Visas/ Permits South Africa Requirements:

  • Passport sized photographs
  • A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining on it
  • Proof of financial independence to support the stay in South Africa

Visitor Visas/ Permits with work endorsement:

As in many countries, most international Visitor Visas do not permit the holder to take up employment or any other activities, other than holiday purposes in South Africa. Visitor’s Visas are specifically intended to allow only Temporary Residency in South Africa, allowing individuals to conduct non-work related activities.

Visitors who intend to do business in South Africa or any other work-related activities need pre-authorisation from the Department of Home Affairs, before entering South Africa. This means that they will have to apply for a Visitor Visa with work endorsement.

Application for a Visitor Visa with work endorsement will need to be submitted at the South African embassy of the applicant’s country of origin, prior to their arrival.

Extending Visitor Visas/ Permits South Africa:

The Visitors visas/ permits have an initial duration of 90 days, but may be extended by an additional 90 days provided that certain conditions are met. These include:

  • A valid flight return ticket
  • A reasonable explanation for the extension being requested

Visitor Visas/ Permits ‘Border Hopping’:

The new regulations state that any individual in possession of a Visitor’s Visa may leave South Africa while on a valid Visitor’s Visa and may return to South Africa thereafter on the same visa.

However, should the previous visa expire while the candidate is out of South Africa (e.g. while visiting visiting Namibia) and they return to South Africa, they may be admitted on a new visa for a maximum period of 7 days.

Only if the foreign national re-enters South Africa from their country of residence will a new visa be issued. For more detailed information on this visit our blog.

Should you have any questions with regard to the Visitor Visa/ Permit for South Africa, feel free to contact one of our immigration consultants.

Updated according to Immigration Act 2014