Study Visa South Africa

Students who would like to participate in exchange programs to South Africa or attend a school in South Africa have to apply for a Study Visa for South Africa.

The University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and Wits University in Johannesburg are all reputable universities in South Africa that are recognised internationally. All three universities run student exchange programs which give students across the globe the opportunity to live and study in South Africa for up to a year.

South African Study Visas/ Permits are issued by the Department of Home Affairs(DHA) to foreign students wishing to study at South African accredited learning institutes.

Study Visas enable students to study anywhere in South Africa, provided that the institution is recognised by the South African Schools Act, Higher Education Act or the Further Education and Training Colleges Act.

Study Visas are not only issued to foreign students wishing to continue their studies in South Africa. They can also be issued to students who are accompanying their families when immigrating to South Africa.

Study Visas/ Permits South Africa Requirements:

  • A person of any age may apply for a Study Permit
  • The permit must cover the duration of the full course
  • The Immigration Act requires that students take out medical insurance with medical schemes registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act

It is important to know that you must first apply for your Study Permit, and wait to hear the outcome of the application before departing for South Africa.

During the semester students are allowed to earn an income and work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Correspondence based students do not qualify for a Study Visa, even if the institution is based in South Africa due to the fact that they are not attending their studies at a physical location in South Africa. There are no circumstances under which individuals on Study Visas may apply for Permanent Residence.

Should you have any questions with regard to Study Visas for South Africa, feel free to contact one of our experienced immigration consultants for a free immigration assessment.

Updated according to Immigration Act 2014