Quota Work Visa South Africa

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Attention: As per 26 May 2014, the Quota Work Permit and Exceptional Skills Work Permit have been replaced with the Critical Skills Work Visa.

The Department of Home Affairs considers certain professional skills categories as ‘scarce’. Where an applicant’s professional category matches those appearing in the Department’s Quota List, a Quota Work Visa may be issued.

Quota Work Permits are only applicable to and attractive for individuals who have these types of qualifications. Individuals who fits in this category do not need to show a contractual work agreement, and for South African companies looking to recruit these types of individuals generally speaking they don’t have to publicize these type of positions.

The quota system allows for a limited number of Quota Work Permits in the professional categories as set out below:

  • 2 000 professionals under Information and Organisation
  • 4 150 professionals under Manufacturing and Construction
  • 2 500 professionals under Natural and Physical Science
  • 5 000 professionals under Biomedical Engineers and Technicians
  • 300 professionals under Health
  • 2 050 professionals under Education
  • 5 000 professionals under Agricultural and Science
  • 1 250 professionals under Science
  • 5 250 professionals under Building and Engineering
  • 150 technicians under Manufacturing and Process
  • 2 500 trades workers under Fabrication Engineering
  • 3 300 trades workers under Mechanical Engineering
  • 150 trades workers under Electro technology & Telecommunication
  • 250 Jewellers
  • 500 professionals under Information and Communication Technology

Quota Work Permit Requirements:

Initially as an applicant for this type of visa you will not require any company sponsorship, but will have to provide proof of employment within three months of entering the country on a Quota Work Visa to the Department of Home Affairs or the permit will be revoked.

Should you need any further information regarding the Quota Work Permit, feel free to contact one of our experienced immigration consultants.

Updated According to Immigration Act 2014