Corporate Work Visa South Africa

Initiate Immigration provides affordable and professional help with immigration services and solutions for corporate entities and companies in South Africa. Corporate Work Visas are particularly popular among certain industries. The gaming industry and customer service industry in Cape Town are both fond of the Corporate Work Permit option, as it allows them to employ large numbers of foreign language speakers, thereby making use of language proficiency and unique skills.

Corporate Work Visas & Permits South Africa Requirements:

In today’s decentralised economy, a large number of local and international organisations are increasingly looking abroad to find suitable and experienced personnel. If you are a South Africa based company and you are finding it difficult to find experienced and/or qualified staff in the Republic of South Africa, or have earmarked potential employees abroad that you would want to employ, a Corporate Work Visa is a solution worth exploring.

A Corporate Work Visa allows South African companies to employ a specified number of foreign personnel and as such makes it more manageable to pre-plan your HR requirements and needs by allowing you to hire a comparatively large number of foreign-nationals for a pre-determined time period.

Factors contributing to companies considering this approach to recruitment include proficiency in language skills and unique skill sets. To assist such foreign-owned organisations and multinational companies, the South African Immigration Act law allows for Corporate Work Permits to be issued to such companies.

To be able to qualify for and receive a Corporate Work Permit, South African Immigration law requires a company to provide a detailed human resources plan, highlighting the number of employees that are needed, the length of their employment contract, as well as the remuneration packages proposed for the posts.

Set HR plans must also provide an all-encompassing job description for the individual employee, which is essential, as it may be utilised as physical evidence that there is no suitable South African citizen able to perform the functions required by the specific job description.

On approval and granting of the Corporate Work Visa, individual employees are then required by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for Corporate Work Visas individually. It allows employees to obtain work visas in a fast–tracked and cost effective environment compared to those applying for ordinary Work Visas, without having a Corporate Visa.

Should you have any questions regarding the Corporate Work Visa, please feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced immigration consultants.

Updated according to Immigration Act 2014