Business Practices in South Africa

Working and Business Practices in South Africa

Business Practices in South Africa are similar to those in Europe, however if you are conducting business in Cape Town you might experience African time sooner or later.

South Africa has been inhabited for thousands of years and has experienced a unique national evolution brought about by two main factors: immigration from Europe and mineralogical wealth. Hence business practices and etiquette have been developed out of a unique combination of culture mix and hard work and of course the side effects of Apartheid.

A great wealth of natural resources has spurred South Africa on to becoming Africa’s industrial hub. South Africa is the largest and most developed economy in Africa, with a GDP per capita that places us in the top 50 wealthiest in the world. Our economic infrastructure is sound and well-managed, and our great promise as a vital emerging market economy brings with it the potential for overseas investment.

The cultures of Western societies and that of Africa are staunchly different. Among these differences are differences in food, dress, child rearing practice and even dealing with business. Business and trade are complicated things, and different cultures have strangely nuanced ways of dealing with them in order to creative successful balance of trade and in order to make money.

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